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Sir Lancelot

Breed: Chinese Crested

Age: Puppy

Sex: Male

Special Needs: Grade 2 Heart Murmur


Sir Lancelot is a super sweet and loveable Chinese Crested puppy who is SUCH a good boy! He's so quiet, well behaved and just LOVES to be cuddled on. Sir Lancelot was brought to Glimmer of Life after being diagnosed with a low grade heart murmur. He is currently being monitored by our wonderful vet, Dr. Marks, who hopes for a full recovery as heart murmurs in young puppies often resolve on their own as they grow. This would be the best possible outcome, as heart murmurs that do not resolve may require medication, a specialized diet, or even surgery. If you are interested in adopting Sir Lancelot, please fill out an adoption application below and submit to

100% of proceeds raised through adoption fees benefit sick and injured dogs in urgent need of medical attention.

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